Saturday, May 5, 2018

Breakfast was a cup of coffee and meat sandwiches at a konbini. Did not tour Japan yet because we do not have a car. We are waiting for my in-laws' new car to arrive so we would drive around (arriving in 3 weeks time).

A park in Kitakyushu, Southern Japan

Sushi for lunch

We bought the sushi from a supermarket for lunch in Kitakyushu. They tasted fresh and good. We do not mind going to the sushi restaurant for sashimi and sushi but they are much more expensive. One of these days we will visit the famous Karato Fish Market for sushi and sashimi.
Eating at home is more comfortable and relaxing. The cost of the above sushi and potato salad is about 1,200 Japanese Yen or S$15.

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