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Workshop/Seminar/Talks/Coaching for SIA CABIN CREW INTERVIEW 2023 by Luke Tan

 The above would be held in Singapore from March 2023. Interested to pass SIA cabin crew interview? Contact Luke at

 Payment via PayPal click here

SIA cabin crew interview 1-on-1 coaching via Zoom

 The above will be conducted by me, Luke Tan via Zoom. It is a one- on-one 1 hour session and  the fee is S$200.    

 My recommendation for those going for the face to face interview is to attend the one-on-one coaching via Zoom. Reason for my recommendation is because the interview will start from the "Debate/Discussion" round and I can discuss with you in detail the do's and don'ts pertaining to this and the management as well as the skin check round.

At times, SIA may recruit through the "walk-in" interviews (last walk-in interview was in Singapore on 30 July 2022) and I can coach from the self-introduction round onwards.

To pay click and follow the instructions.   Please click on "Send" and NOT "Request". Alternatively, you   may make payment via PayNow (mobile number will be   given to you)

My email address is at

2 types of E-Guide for SIA Cabin Crew Wannabes

 E-Guide "A" which consists of 51 pages in pdf now cost only  $45   instead of S$60. It is the latest version. I have also incorporated the 100 Questions with Answers. The E-Guide has 2 parts, The first deals with the "Walk-in" interview and the second on the "Online" or "Digital" interview.

E-Guide "B" comprises of the procedures on how to apply for the SIA cabin crew online/digital position, how to pass the Face-to Face interview and 100 random Questions with Answers. This guide is S$25.

To pay click and follow the instructions.   Please click on "Send" and NOT "Request". Alternatively, you   may make payment via PayNow (mobile number will be   given to you)

Singapore Airlines (SIA) cabin crew interview in Penang, Malaysia

 Online SIA cabin crew application for Penang, Malaysia is here

SIA cabin crew walk-in interview in Singapore



SIA is back to conducting Walk-In interview for cabin crew in SG . More information here

Pizza,Sashimi and Cream Puff

We bought the pizza, cream puffs and salmon sashimi from a supermarket in Fukuoka. The prices are much cheaper than those sold in Singapore. The pizza costs a mere JPY 500 or S$5.50. A few evenings ago we saw the same type of pizzas going for a hefty 50% discount which was S$2.75. The expiry date for the pizzas were the next day but they were trying to get rid of them. The cream puffs cost S$4 for a pkt of 4 and the salmon sashimi was about $S16 for a big chunk of 400gm.

Mochikichi Suishajaya Japanese Restaurant もち吉水車茶屋

Last Monday, we had lunch at the above Japanese restaurant. I had the chicken namban lunch set and the price was a reasonable S$11 or JPY 1,000 inclusive of tax (consumption tax is 10%). I like Japanese food but much preferred spicy food like curry, sambal stuff etc where there are easily available at the hawker center in Singapore.