Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Today`s weather in Southern Japan is glorious. It was 19C with the sun shinning throughout the whole afternoon and dipped to 14C in the evening.
We ate in with my in-laws doing the cooking. The beef steaks from the supermarket was tender and juicy. The sashimi was fresh and cost half the price in SG. The veggies were also fresh and green.
Overall, the cost of living here is low as compared to SG. The people are courteous and helpful except for those I have blogged earlier.
During the last few days, I have walked at an average distance of 3 km daily. I enjoy my morning coffee (100 Yen or S$1.25 a cup) at Mini-Stop or 7 Eleven convenient stores. I avoid Lawson as they do not provide seats and free wifi.
Life in Southern Japan is good. The standard of living is much higher and everywhere you go, the places are clean and green. Public toilets are kept in pristine condition.
According to the weather forecast, tomorrow is going to be a wet day with the average temperature hovering around 14C during the day.
Good night and God bless :)

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