Saturday, November 25, 2017

Mannerism of the students in Japan

We boarded a train which was packed with students of about 16 to 17 years average age. None of them offered me or the old folks a seat. In fact, one placed a book on the vacant seat as if to reserve for it someone. I was rather surprised at such an attitude especially coming from the students in Japan. My initial impression was that the students were civic minded and courteous but this incident has changed my mind about them.  I hope this was just an isolated case.
The Singapore train commuters are better mannered (perhaps due to the social media that spread with photos and videos about them before). I was often offered a seat from students and adults alike when the trains were full. Keep it  up Singaporeans!

Foods in Japan.
Undeniably, the food sold in the restaurants and supermarkets are excellent. They are delicious and full of varieties. The sea food like fishes, oysters etc are fresh and tasty. The fruits are also sweet and juicy. Persimmons are in season and so are the oranges. Each persimmon fruit cost about S$1. In Singapore a persimmon imported from China cost about $2 and it is no match in taste and quality.
It is a pity I can`t post the photos of the fruits I am talking about due to the slow Internet connection.

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