Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Today, I went to Changi Hospital for post cataract operation checkup. The eye pressure has dropped to 17 which is considered normal. It was 23 the day after the ops.
Travelling time to the hospital and back was 2 hours. Waiting time was 2 hours but consultation time was only 10 minutes.
After consultation, I headed to the coffee shop near the Simei MRT Station and had charsiew/siew yok rice ($3). Cabbage and chicken feet soup was free flow at no cost. After lunch, I ordered a cup of kopi O ($1.80) at ToastBox which was about 10 meters away. The kopi O was about the same standard as the one which was sold at the coffee shop ($1). Promised myself never to order any kopi from Simei ToastBox again. For dessert, I went up to the upper level of Eastpoint Mall (think it was Food Junction) and had a whole coconut ($3.50). The meat was jelly-like (too soft) and the juice was sourish. Again I told myself never to have the coconut again at this mall.
Finally, I had a haircut from a Malay barber shop (same level as the Food Junction). I was rather shock that a haircut is now $12 instead of $10!

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