Tuesday, February 27, 2018

I revisited Northpoint City again and tried the Pan Mee ($4) from Malaysia Chiak. The mee was like the Singapore home-made bain mian. The texture was smooth but somehow, the chilli sauce etc lacked the "punch" or "kick" as we call it. Overall, the taste was quite good.
Since, I was there just passed 3pm, I ordered a cup of local coffee which cost only 50 cents. This is the cheapest coffee in SG but this low price (50 cts) for a cup of coffee/tea is only available from 3pm till 5pm on a weekday.

Just before I left Yishun, I went to Block 928 and "tar pow" our favourite laksa. I was pleasantly surprised that there was no queue at this laksa stall. I think the newly opened Northpoint City which has more than a hundred eateries, has overshadowed this laksa. I will be very sad if the laksa stall closes due to poor business.

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