Saturday, January 7, 2017

Who is making all the money?

The hawkers, coffee shop operators, the provision shop owners and now a medical doctor who is also a clinic owner told me they are not making money from their businesses. How can that be? Who is making all the money then?
I may be wrong but I think the landlords are the people who are making the money. I am not talking about the small timers but big ones like the HDB, URA etc. The business people I spoke to told me the rental of their places kept going up.
Not far from where I am staying, a huge foodcourt has closed down just last month. Business has been poor I was told.
The other issue I was told was the shortage of labour. Getting workers from overseas is expensive. The government would impose heavy levies if one were to import these workers. Plus, not all foreigners could come here and work. The types of businesses I am talking about require unskilled and semi-skilled workers eg: cleaners, cooks, receptionists and clerks etc. Singaporeans are choosy and would not want to be employed in positions that I've mentioned above.


Anonymous said...

"Singaporeans are choosy and would not want to be employed in positions that I've mentioned above."

Very true but of course 30% of the population will disagree with you. FTs are willing to work at a cheaper price and businesses want to cut costs so they hire more FTs. There are enough jobs available but locals are way too choosy and are constantly complain on alternative sites. How liddat?

Anonymous said...

Your gamen makes all the money

Anonymous said...

Elites make money