Saturday, December 31, 2016

Apollo Banana Leaf Indian Restaurant

Our New Year Eve's lunch was at Apollo Banana Leaf Indian curry restaurant. We ordered a small fish head curry for 2 people ($24)and 2 sets of rice with vegetables ($3.50 each flow). Even at 3pm when we arrived, the place was already full.
The fish head was not fresh as expected and the curry gravy was diluted to the point that I thought we were having assam pedas dish. Definitely a big disappointment for us!

The next time we will visit Muthu's Curry which is a few doors away. We had been to Muthu's a few years ago and the food wasn't as good as Apollo but who knows, judging from the crowd it may have improved. We did try Shakuntala just last year but it was very disappointing.
Apollo was frequented by us more often but I think it is time to move on to other restaurants for their fish head curries.

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