Friday, December 30, 2016

A dying friend, a source of inspiration

I went to see an ex-chief steward who is dying of cancer. The cancer has spread all over his body. Even when the cancer was first detected, he refused treatment. To me, he is a strong man who is not afraid of dying. Even though he is now in great pain, he told me the whole thing is "God's will". I admire his guts.
I bought him 2 bottles of his favorite drink, beer. He down it within 30 minutes. Next thing he wanted was a can of coke with plenty of ice and I got it for him. We were sitting in a coffee shop near his home.
We talked about the good old times, our flying days. He has retired 13 years ago and now is in his late 60s.
He is the source of encouragement. Whenever I feel down, I always think of what this ex-chief steward said. He is dying and I am still healthy and why shouldn't I feel happy or at least be grateful to God? So, meeting and chatting with this dying friend changes my philosophy of life.
We are entering into a new year, 2017 with good health and lacking in nothing, materially speaking. Therefore, why shouldn't we enjoy life and live to the fullest?


Sad said...

Oh no another one dying.

Boh Tong said...

We all will die one day. It is only a matter of time.