Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Cataract operation in Changi Hospital

I had cataract operation on my right eye. In August last year I had the ops on my left eye. This time I did not take any pictures of the time I spent in the hospital. It was day surgery and all went well except that my wrist was blue black due to the needle that was inserted for the anesthesia. The young male anesthetist was not so efficient or experienced hence the blue black mark!
The ops it self was fast (about 10 minutes) but the prepartion and the recovery time in the ward was about 2 hours. They will take your blood pressure, instil eyedrops etc and make sure you are fit to go through the ops. One thing that is bad is the temperature in the ward and ops theathre which is very cold. With the anxiety and cold environment, your BP could shoot up skyhigh.
The ops cost for 1 eye is about $1,200 after subsidy. I was told w/o subsidy, it would have cost 4+K.
I was allowed to use 1K from my medisave (which is actually my own money) and $200 cash.
The surgeon who operated on me had 9 other patients on the same day. Must say the nursing staff are nice and professional people. About 50% of the nurses in the operating theater were Filipinas.
I am now in the recovery mode and should be up and about in the next few days.


BookLover said...

Take care, BT! Hope you are fully recovered by now.

Boh Tong said...

BT I have recovered many thanks :)

BookLover said...

Excellent! We are in need to repair and maintenance more and more. Thankfully, the medical advances is helping us improve the quality of our lives.