Sunday, February 18, 2018

A scuffle during the Lunar New Year

A fight broke out between these 2 fellows. I was a bit late to video the whole incident. Don't know why they fought but it's isn't surprising at all for this sort of things to happen in a highly pressurized state like Singapore.
Last year I read of one incident whereby a small guy was confronted by a bigger guy over some small matter. The small fella grabbed a chopper from a nearby hawker stall and butchered the bigger guy for allegedly bullying him. The case should coming up short. I was told it was a case of self defence rather than murder.
People in SG are under a lot of stress. The island of only 719 sq km houses 5.6 million. SG has a million vehicles on the road. There are many road works along the highway and on most roads. Traffic jams are common here. The shopping malls, shops and restaurants are filled with people especially on weekends and public holidays. I tried to have a cup of coffee at a coffee shop yesterday (2nd day of Lunar New Year) but the queue was so long that I went without my coffee. It was the same story at Ya Kun, Toast Box etc.
Once, I overtook a car and the driver chased, cut into my lane and jammed his brake right in front of my vehicle, which almost caused an accident. He came out of his car holding a crowbar and challenged me to a fight. He was half my age. To fight me, an old man he doesn't need a weapon. He was a coward.
Two years ago, a retired ifs (aged 68) was beaten badly by a young man of 22 for supposedly trying to get "fresh" with his girlfriend. The ifs was a fella whom I knew all these years not to be interested in women, let alone get "fresh" with a girl. The perpetrator was sentenced to a few weeks in jail.
SG is not a bad place to live but the people aren't gracious and nice. I feel like leaving this place and migrate to Japan or Australia.


Anonymous said...

There are many bad sinkies to begin with so stop blaming the FTs!

Anonymous said...

Hoot Ah, not Huat Ah....hee

BookLover said...

Fukuoka welcomes foreigners. But some old residents can attack foreigners without rhyme or reasons.