Monday, January 2, 2017

The unforgettable kind and gracious Makcik and Auntie

Makcik was a kind Malay woman who lived a few doors away from us. I called her Makcik which means auntie in Malay. She was about 50 years old. Makcik used to sell food in a Malay school tuckshop. The Malay school was next to my English primary school in Geylang. Sometimes, during the recess period, I would sneak into the Malay school tuckshop and get a treat of mee siam or kueh kueh from Makcik.
Another thing I will always remember about Makcik was that whenever my mother canned me, she would come to my rescue. She would place herself between my mother and me so as to prevent my angry mother from continually beating me.
When I moved away from the kampong in the 1960s, Makcik passed away. I was sad and regretted for not being able to say farewell to Makcik.
Another lady who was kind to me was a distant Auntie. She and her husband lived in an old rundown shop house near the Rochor Road area. They shared the house with many families. They were poor people who made their living by washing and ironing clothes for the laundry shops nearby.
Her place was quite near my secondary school and I would drop by her house whenever I needed some pocket money. Auntie always joked that I was her adopted son as she was childless. She never disappoint me as she would empty a small tin containing some coins (usually about 50 cents) into my palm before I left her house.
When I started working, I visited Auntie and by that time her husband had passed away. I felt sad for her as she was also getting old and unable to work. I gave her some money.
Before I could pay her another visit, Auntie passed away suddenly.
RIP Makcik and Auntie and I hope one day by the grace of my loving God, I could meet you again.

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