Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Meeting ex colleagues

I almost bumped into Eve an ex stewardess yesterday at a shopping complex. Somehow because of my busy schedule and was in a great hurry, I avoided Eve. We haven't met for many years and although Eve was still slim she didn't look healthy and has aged so much.
When I was about to pay for my stuff at the cashier counter, someone called out my name. Wow it was my ex manager, Jim. He looked old and haggard (I supposed me too huh), probably about 80 years of age. We chatted for a while and must admit that although I have never like Jim, he was nice and warm towards me. Jim offered to buy me a coffee at a nearby Toast Box but I declined.
We parted ways and I headed for the car park while he proceeded to have his coffee.


Anonymous said...

Maybe coz they smoked when they were younger. Nicotine makes you age faster, bad for skin.

Boh Tong said...

Eve does not smoke but Jim did.