Wednesday, May 2, 2018

About cars in Japan

We finally bought the above car, a Toyota Sienta 1.5 liter for S$32,500 with all the extra features. We decided to pay half the amount for my parent-in-laws as a present. In return, we have the privilege of driving the car whenever it is not in use. Renting a car in Japan is very expensive.

我们终于买了上述车,一辆丰田Sienta 1.5升,售价32,500新元,拥有所有额外功能。我们决定为我的公婆支付一半的礼物作为礼物。作为回报,我们有权在不使用汽车的情况下驾驶汽车。在日本租用汽车非常昂贵。

My sister-in-law got her Mitsubishi 650cc for about S$20,000 last year. This car is fine if you do not carry too much cargo or baggage or more than 2 people. It is economical and reliable too.



candy said...

So lucky! Nice car! Here that amount can barely get us a piece of bidded paper!

Boh Tong said...

The car is even cheaper (basic is S$25,000) if we do not buy the extra
features/gadgets. True, can perhaps buy a motorbike in SG.

candy said...

I suppose the Japanese won't bother with the add ons? Only Singaporeans go there see the car so cheap are eager to add on this and that!

Boh Tong said...

You are right Candy! The average Japanese finds the basic price of 25k already very
expensive. In fact, my father-in-law does not want to many extra add ons but we were the
ones who encouraged him to have them.