Sunday, May 6, 2018

A visit to the supermarket in Japan is a refreshing experience. There is an abundant supply of sushi, sashimi, fishes,vegetables, fruits etc etc. If you look at the fish, you will noticed the eyes are glassy and clear.  The 2 signs show the fish is absolutely fresh. Unlike where I come from (Singapore) our supermarkets sell fish that are usually stale and smelly. I suppose we can't help it because the fishes in SG are imported.

日本超市的访问是一次令人耳目一新的体验。有丰富的寿司,生鱼片,鱼类,蔬菜,水果等。如果你看看鱼,你会发现它的眼睛是玻璃状和清澈的。 2个标志显示鱼是绝对新鲜的。与我来自的国家(新加坡)不同,我们的超市出售通常陈腐且臭的鱼。我想我们不能帮助它,因为SG中的鱼是进口的。

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